Beautiful experience of the road trip from Shimla to Manali

Hello again!! Let’s pick up from where we left. This post is totally dedicated to my experience of the road trip from Shimla to Manali with a very short stoppage near Kullu. Manali is approximately 250 km away from Shimla and it took 8-9 hrs for us to reach Manali including the break for lunch and stoppage near Kullu.

It’s been 2 hrs since we had started our journey from Shimla. While I was enjoying the twist and turns of the road, my mom was suffering from motion sickness. My father was sitting in passenger seat next to the driver and was busy interrogating his background details and my brother who was sitting in between my mom and me in the back seat of the car, was playing music and being the DJ for our next 7 hrs journey.

I looked out of my window, as further we were going, the atmosphere was getting cooler. I could see colourful houses from distant and the beautiful yellow flower landscape. Sorry to say but I don’t own a DSLR and my phone couldn’t capture the beautiful distant landscape but fortunately my eyes did!!

After constant travel of 5 hrs, driver stopped near a local dhaba for us to have lunch. My mom and I totally opposed the idea of having lunch, in fear of vomiting; the rest 3 people had their aloo parathas with pickles. I bought some oranges and toffees to have on my way.

By now I got sick of the road and just prayed the mountains to be kind to me.🙏

For my surprise I did not get motion sickness throughout the journey instead I fall asleep on my brother’s lap until we reached quite better roadway near Mandi.

We came approximately 140 km away from Shimla.

Beas river near Mandi

As we entered Mandi there was the beautiful view of river Beas by the side of the road. From Mandi to Manali the river flow side-by-side of the road. We stopped there for 5-10 mins and enjoyed the scenery.

The Shivalik hills, bright colourful conical houses, pine trees and the blue colour river Beas by the side of the road was the perfect colourful scenic picture for a painter to paint and for us it was perfect place to take snaps.😉

Kullu is 50 km away from Mandi which was our next stop point.

Once we reached Kullu, driver stopped and parked the car near an adventurous sports vendor stall and they started advertising the price of their rides.

Beside scenic view, Kullu is also famous for the adventurous sports such as river rafting, paragliding, trekking etc.

You will get discount if you are among a large group of people who are taking participate in their activities, but not in my case. So, I chose to sit by the side of the river and enjoy the beauty; whereas my brother went for river rafting. My mom and dad went in search of nice dhaba to have food and shopping of warm blankets in a local shop.

“The sound of the flowing water has a rhythm in it; I experienced the beautiful sunset by the side of the river Beas.”

Manali is approximately 42 km away from Kullu. After spending some time in Kullu, we hurried back to the car. It was getting darker and the wind got stronger and cooler.

As we were getting closer to Manali, the giant mountains covered with snow could be seen clearer.

“The dark sky was filled with stars and there was the full moon in between the giant mountains covered with snow, shining brightly by the touch of moonlight and near the foot of the mountains were the trees with pink flowers by the side of the river Beas.”

“I have never seen anything more beautiful than this.”

Even for a single minute I could not take my eyes off the view. We reached Manali and went straight to the hotel “Blue Moon” that was arranged for us by our tour guide.

Road trip from Kullu to Manali