A day in the”land of snow”: Solang Valley

Alarm clock rang at morning 7 o’clock, my mom woke up and started her morning routine. After she finished getting ready, she woke me up and suggested me to get ready. Once we all were ready, we ordered breakfast from the hotel. We had our aloo paratha with pickles. Wanted to keep our meal light as we were not sure how far the place was and did not want to face motion sickness.

As decided we met our driver at 9 o’clock. He was ready and received us with smile, by now we were no more a stranger to each other, yet we had many stories left to be shared. We started our journey with full of excitement and laughter.

After 15 mins of drive, driver stopped the car in-front of a shop. He suggested us to rent some warm full length clothes, boots, leather gloves. They rent in fix price. So, it’s same no matter in which shop you get them. We tried out our own size and wore them.

Near the shop in Manali

Once we were ready, we paid and left for our journey to Solang Valley (land of snow). Clothes were quite loose; so I was not uncomfortable. I was totally slaying the dress 😜😝.

After 10 mins we crossed a beautiful long bridge above the river beas and from there the road started going upwards to the mountains. We all were grooving to the old Bollywood songs throughout our journey.

Slowly we could see snow lying by the side of the road. I took out my phone in a hurry and started shooting. We could see houses made of woods and trees filled with pink flowers. It was so peaceful and the air was pure. By now we were very much adapted to the cold weather.

Bridge near solang valley

In next 10 mins we reached solang valley. The light reflecting from the white snow was hurting my eyes. It was very hurting; lesson learnt was to never forget your sunglasses anywhere you go😎. Luckily, they have shops where you can buy cheap sunglasses. So I bought a pair.

For 10-15 mins we were excited and played with snow, but as soon as we started climbing the mountain, it became so exhausting. We looked for other method to climb the mountain and they have horses and ATV bike for it. ATV bike was quite costly comparing to the horse rides. Myself and my parents took horses to climb the mountain and my brother did his trekking.

Horse ride was good and totally safe. We were not a pro horse rider, yet it was not scary and there will be horse guide with you.

We reached the drop point after which we need to explore on our own. We started exploring the mountain.

There were some winter sports activity, you can try with some extra price. We reached near the shiv ling which was covered with snow. We rested there for while and took lot of videos and photos. Then we visited other temples, Babaji ka kuttiya and Ram mandir. All these were covered with snow.

I made my first snow man, even-though it turned out weird I am proud of it. We had our first snow fights and laid on the bed of snow. We also tried the native clothes and took few pictures of it. Had Maggie and chai on the mountain, it was quite costly but it was tasty, worth every penny.

No idea how the time passed and soon it was evening 4 o’clock. We started returning back to our car but this time walked down and slipped many times due to the snow.

Even-though I will never forget the pain in my buttocks I had that night, but I will also nurture the memories I made with my family in the land of snow.