Best Father’s Day Gift: An open letter💌

While everyone knows how much a mom loves her child yet very few knows how much a dad sacrifice to build a family.
He is a man with golden heart💛.

After long listing possible luxury gifts I can give to my Pa, I still couldn’t think of the best gift. Well, what would impress him the most🤔? I wanted to gift him something that would touch his heart and the value will remain same forever. Does anything like this exist??

Looking back my Pa bought me anything I demanded and now that I earn, I planned giving him luxury gifts that he couldn’t afford for himself but something stopped me from doing so.
Was it true that he couldn’t afford or was he just not a materialistic person? What would value the most; a luxury gift or telling my feelings for him before its too late?

Probably this year taught many ignorant people that life has no guarantee and anything could happen beyond your imagination. So, this year rather than being materialistic, I thought why not pen down my feelings and tell him how much he meant to me.

If you like this idea then maybe you should run to your study room, grab a pen and paper; write whatever you wanted to tell your dad and share your love for him on this special day. Watsapp status will disappear but this letter will always be safe in his locker. That’s what dad’s do😚.

As for me, I am writing this open letter to my Pa and will keep it short yet meaningful.

Dear Pa,

This really feels awkward to tell you about my emotions. We rarely speak and we are not quite open to each other. This makes it quite tough to pen down, but I will be a bit courageous as I do not want to regret later.

I know there wasn’t a single thing that you couldn’t afford but you always placed us as your priority. You taught me how to be selfless and to love people without even letting them know. You silently cry when I cry. You always make sure that your choice do not become my burden; my emotions are always your priority. Papa, I will never be able to thank you enough for this.

You are an old- fashion man but you accept and support me to live in this modern era. While most of my friends are worried, whether their father will allow them to travel or not, you never stopped me. Instead you wish me to travel safely and have lot of fun. I feel lucky to have you in my life.

Without you and your support, I could never reach this place and position, I’m in right now.

Thank you for being the backbone of our family😘.

You loved me from my first breathe, I’ll love you until my last🧡.
Happy Father’s Day Bapa!!🌹