The street of Shimla: History that is left untouched

We travel to many hill stations, whether it is a getaway weekend or a long vacation. Every hill station gives you a different experience and you have different story to tell. Shimla is not just like any other hill station. Going there, I could feel what India was back in 1950’s. Even though time has evolved and changed the people around but I could still see and feel the history that is left untouched there.

We reached Shimla at noon 11 o’clock, too tired after the long night journey. But as soon as I walked out of station, I couldn’t think of wasting a single minute in my hotel room. We took a cab to the place known as “the lift.”

Cab driver explained us on our way that “he cannot drive us to our hotel which was near mall road as vehicles are not allowed there. We need to walk and reach our hotel from mall road.”

So here we are standing below a tall, tower like structure with a big round clock. I was in shock, when I found out that it was a lift (elevator) inside the tower!!

It- is-literally-a-lift🤯🤯 (I was confused😕)!!!!

Did he mean this lift will take us to mall road but if I take a cab instead, they gonna charge super high price 😲😲!! Yup, you read it right; cab would drop you nearby lakkar bazar (not sure about the exact point; there is a drop-point somewhere near the bazar).

To use the lift I paid rs 10/- per person.

The lift was of 2 stage. First: walk-in, take lift and go up; Next: change the lift and go up again, then there was the exit. Welcome to Shimla Mall road, from here we walked to our hotel (walking to hotel with luggage was so tiring😫😫).

Note: please check with hotel owner how far the hotel is from mall road before booking, specially if you are travelling with senior citizens.

Token of gratitude and Love💖

Happy Mother’s Day Maa💝

Maa Maa Maa, a call that I never get tired of calling. I might ignore her calls sometime but my worst nightmare is thinking of the day she will not be around me.

~ Lisa (myself)

I know I know, people these days keep posting, “treating your mother in a special way for one day is not enough to thank your mother” and it’s true but if I do that till my last breathe, will that be enough?? Please comment down, even though we all know the answer🥰. I wanted to give a small token of gratitude to her on this special day and so I did and here is my story🙏.

Here is a brief introduction of my mom. She is so naive, pure and tries hard to learn technologies and keep up with the modern world. She never traveled to north India, but always wanted to see sunrise in the mountains and wanted to play in snow. She always buried her wishes in her heart just like any-other mom does. She had no idea that 2019 will not be like any other year.

I got promoted to senior post and I wanted to give surprise to my parents, specially mom. Mother’s day was 2 months away, I convinced my parents to come and visit me on May 2019 and I asked them to pack some winter clothes as we will be going on a trip to north. She started interrogating me and tried to make me spill out the plans, but but but I’m her daughter after all and avoided it very smoothly.