When 7th wonder of the world is just 3 hrs away😍

Have you ever felt like to just disappear from your home and wander around some nice place, take few pictures, have some nice food. Just a moody thing but I did it, no plans nothing but had a great fun. This post gonna be quite short but hopefully relatable.

Well after a long week of night shift, my body and mind both needed a break. It was just like any other saturday; I laid back on my bed and was scrolling through my phone screen. I felt suffocation and wanted some fresh air. So, I walked to my balcony, gazing the sunny sky.

I just wanted to get out of this environment but also required to watch my budget.

Out of nowhere, I started thinking of visiting Taj Mahal. Well, why not; when the 7th wonder of the world is just 3 hrs away from your current location.

I informed my friend about my planning and she was totally into it. So, I started checking tickets on IRCTC. There were lot of local trains available. I booked tickets for 6:40 pm and a room through OYO after checking the facilities properly. Selected a hotel which was quite close to Taj.

It was already 3 pm. Packed my bag in a hurry and reached the station on time.

My journey begins!!

Pic 1: Entering through the large gate

As we crossed Mathura junction, it was raining heavily. Weather was so cool, just what I needed. We reached Agra Cantt at 9:30 PM. We took auto to our hotel. Everything was happening so smoothly yet quite fast. Couldn’t believe few hours back I was staring at the blank sky and was wasting my weekend. We ordered dinner and discussed about our outfits.

We also had our late night girl talk🤫😉, that completes my trip 😜.

Pic 2: This photo of Taj mahal was taken at noon.

Next morning we woke up quite early around 6 am. Got ready and had our breakfast from the hotel we were staying. It was nice south indian breakfast. By now it was 10 am, we took auto to reach near Taj Mahal. Weather was quite pleasant and thankfully no rainfall. We stood in a long queue to get the tickets to enter Taj Mahal. It took us almost 2 hrs to get the tickets😓. We entered through a large gate. Taj mahal was shining brightly from far.

It stood still beautifully below the dark moving clouds and there was 24 water fountains in front of it and the river Yamuna behind it. 🤩🤩
Even the reflection of Taj Mahal would mesmerize you.“😍

Pic 3: Close view of Taj mahal

We took tour around it and after 2 hrs we were finally ready to say bye bye to this beauty. When we took exit from southern gate there were many sellers, selling the famous petha (sweet dish famous in agra). We tasted few as there were various flavor and bought it for our friends.

By now we were feeling very hungry. We went to nearby hotel, had some food and took a horse cart to reach Agra fort.

Pic 4: View of Taj mahal from Agra fort

Entering Agra fort was free of cost. They checked our belongings and after security check we entered the fort. It had a beautiful entrance. There was the beautiful view of Agra town and Taj Mahal from the fort.

We wandered around the fort looking at the beautiful carvings on the walls. After stalling few hours and taking lot of pictures. We were ready to leave the town; after all weekend was about to end.

We went to the bus stand, our tickets were booked. We bought some snacks and were ready for our journey back to home.

“I would describe this trip as very short, beautiful and a pleasant memory.” ~ Incredible India🙏