Best Father’s Day Gift: An open letter💌

While everyone knows how much a mom loves her child yet very few knows how much a dad sacrifice to build a family.
He is a man with golden heart💛.

After long listing possible luxury gifts I can give to my Pa, I still couldn’t think of the best gift. Well, what would impress him the most🤔? I wanted to gift him something that would touch his heart and the value will remain same forever. Does anything like this exist??

Looking back my Pa bought me anything I demanded and now that I earn, I planned giving him luxury gifts that he couldn’t afford for himself but something stopped me from doing so.
Was it true that he couldn’t afford or was he just not a materialistic person? What would value the most; a luxury gift or telling my feelings for him before its too late?

Probably this year taught many ignorant people that life has no guarantee and anything could happen beyond your imagination. So, this year rather than being materialistic, I thought why not pen down my feelings and tell him how much he meant to me.

If you like this idea then maybe you should run to your study room, grab a pen and paper; write whatever you wanted to tell your dad and share your love for him on this special day. Watsapp status will disappear but this letter will always be safe in his locker. That’s what dad’s do😚.

As for me, I am writing this open letter to my Pa and will keep it short yet meaningful.

Dear Pa,

This really feels awkward to tell you about my emotions. We rarely speak and we are not quite open to each other. This makes it quite tough to pen down, but I will be a bit courageous as I do not want to regret later.

I know there wasn’t a single thing that you couldn’t afford but you always placed us as your priority. You taught me how to be selfless and to love people without even letting them know. You silently cry when I cry. You always make sure that your choice do not become my burden; my emotions are always your priority. Papa, I will never be able to thank you enough for this.

You are an old- fashion man but you accept and support me to live in this modern era. While most of my friends are worried, whether their father will allow them to travel or not, you never stopped me. Instead you wish me to travel safely and have lot of fun. I feel lucky to have you in my life.

Without you and your support, I could never reach this place and position, I’m in right now.

Thank you for being the backbone of our family😘.

You loved me from my first breathe, I’ll love you until my last🧡.
Happy Father’s Day Bapa!!🌹

A day in the”land of snow”: Solang Valley

Alarm clock rang at morning 7 o’clock, my mom woke up and started her morning routine. After she finished getting ready, she woke me up and suggested me to get ready. Once we all were ready, we ordered breakfast from the hotel. We had our aloo paratha with pickles. Wanted to keep our meal light as we were not sure how far the place was and did not want to face motion sickness.

As decided we met our driver at 9 o’clock. He was ready and received us with smile, by now we were no more a stranger to each other, yet we had many stories left to be shared. We started our journey with full of excitement and laughter.

After 15 mins of drive, driver stopped the car in-front of a shop. He suggested us to rent some warm full length clothes, boots, leather gloves. They rent in fix price. So, it’s same no matter in which shop you get them. We tried out our own size and wore them.

Near the shop in Manali

Once we were ready, we paid and left for our journey to Solang Valley (land of snow). Clothes were quite loose; so I was not uncomfortable. I was totally slaying the dress 😜😝.

After 10 mins we crossed a beautiful long bridge above the river beas and from there the road started going upwards to the mountains. We all were grooving to the old Bollywood songs throughout our journey.

Slowly we could see snow lying by the side of the road. I took out my phone in a hurry and started shooting. We could see houses made of woods and trees filled with pink flowers. It was so peaceful and the air was pure. By now we were very much adapted to the cold weather.

Bridge near solang valley

In next 10 mins we reached solang valley. The light reflecting from the white snow was hurting my eyes. It was very hurting; lesson learnt was to never forget your sunglasses anywhere you go😎. Luckily, they have shops where you can buy cheap sunglasses. So I bought a pair.

For 10-15 mins we were excited and played with snow, but as soon as we started climbing the mountain, it became so exhausting. We looked for other method to climb the mountain and they have horses and ATV bike for it. ATV bike was quite costly comparing to the horse rides. Myself and my parents took horses to climb the mountain and my brother did his trekking.

Horse ride was good and totally safe. We were not a pro horse rider, yet it was not scary and there will be horse guide with you.

We reached the drop point after which we need to explore on our own. We started exploring the mountain.

There were some winter sports activity, you can try with some extra price. We reached near the shiv ling which was covered with snow. We rested there for while and took lot of videos and photos. Then we visited other temples, Babaji ka kuttiya and Ram mandir. All these were covered with snow.

I made my first snow man, even-though it turned out weird I am proud of it. We had our first snow fights and laid on the bed of snow. We also tried the native clothes and took few pictures of it. Had Maggie and chai on the mountain, it was quite costly but it was tasty, worth every penny.

No idea how the time passed and soon it was evening 4 o’clock. We started returning back to our car but this time walked down and slipped many times due to the snow.

Even-though I will never forget the pain in my buttocks I had that night, but I will also nurture the memories I made with my family in the land of snow.

Beautiful experience of the road trip from Shimla to Manali

Hello again!! Let’s pick up from where we left. This post is totally dedicated to my experience of the road trip from Shimla to Manali with a very short stoppage near Kullu. Manali is approximately 250 km away from Shimla and it took 8-9 hrs for us to reach Manali including the break for lunch and stoppage near Kullu.

It’s been 2 hrs since we had started our journey from Shimla. While I was enjoying the twist and turns of the road, my mom was suffering from motion sickness. My father was sitting in passenger seat next to the driver and was busy interrogating his background details and my brother who was sitting in between my mom and me in the back seat of the car, was playing music and being the DJ for our next 7 hrs journey.

I looked out of my window, as further we were going, the atmosphere was getting cooler. I could see colourful houses from distant and the beautiful yellow flower landscape. Sorry to say but I don’t own a DSLR and my phone couldn’t capture the beautiful distant landscape but fortunately my eyes did!!

After constant travel of 5 hrs, driver stopped near a local dhaba for us to have lunch. My mom and I totally opposed the idea of having lunch, in fear of vomiting; the rest 3 people had their aloo parathas with pickles. I bought some oranges and toffees to have on my way.

By now I got sick of the road and just prayed the mountains to be kind to me.🙏

For my surprise I did not get motion sickness throughout the journey instead I fall asleep on my brother’s lap until we reached quite better roadway near Mandi.

We came approximately 140 km away from Shimla.

Beas river near Mandi

As we entered Mandi there was the beautiful view of river Beas by the side of the road. From Mandi to Manali the river flow side-by-side of the road. We stopped there for 5-10 mins and enjoyed the scenery.

The Shivalik hills, bright colourful conical houses, pine trees and the blue colour river Beas by the side of the road was the perfect colourful scenic picture for a painter to paint and for us it was perfect place to take snaps.😉

Kullu is 50 km away from Mandi which was our next stop point.

Once we reached Kullu, driver stopped and parked the car near an adventurous sports vendor stall and they started advertising the price of their rides.

Beside scenic view, Kullu is also famous for the adventurous sports such as river rafting, paragliding, trekking etc.

You will get discount if you are among a large group of people who are taking participate in their activities, but not in my case. So, I chose to sit by the side of the river and enjoy the beauty; whereas my brother went for river rafting. My mom and dad went in search of nice dhaba to have food and shopping of warm blankets in a local shop.

“The sound of the flowing water has a rhythm in it; I experienced the beautiful sunset by the side of the river Beas.”

Manali is approximately 42 km away from Kullu. After spending some time in Kullu, we hurried back to the car. It was getting darker and the wind got stronger and cooler.

As we were getting closer to Manali, the giant mountains covered with snow could be seen clearer.

“The dark sky was filled with stars and there was the full moon in between the giant mountains covered with snow, shining brightly by the touch of moonlight and near the foot of the mountains were the trees with pink flowers by the side of the river Beas.”

“I have never seen anything more beautiful than this.”

Even for a single minute I could not take my eyes off the view. We reached Manali and went straight to the hotel “Blue Moon” that was arranged for us by our tour guide.

Road trip from Kullu to Manali

When 7th wonder of the world is just 3 hrs away😍

Have you ever felt like to just disappear from your home and wander around some nice place, take few pictures, have some nice food. Just a moody thing but I did it, no plans nothing but had a great fun. This post gonna be quite short but hopefully relatable.

Well after a long week of night shift, my body and mind both needed a break. It was just like any other saturday; I laid back on my bed and was scrolling through my phone screen. I felt suffocation and wanted some fresh air. So, I walked to my balcony, gazing the sunny sky.

I just wanted to get out of this environment but also required to watch my budget.

Out of nowhere, I started thinking of visiting Taj Mahal. Well, why not; when the 7th wonder of the world is just 3 hrs away from your current location.

I informed my friend about my planning and she was totally into it. So, I started checking tickets on IRCTC. There were lot of local trains available. I booked tickets for 6:40 pm and a room through OYO after checking the facilities properly. Selected a hotel which was quite close to Taj.

It was already 3 pm. Packed my bag in a hurry and reached the station on time.

My journey begins!!

Pic 1: Entering through the large gate

As we crossed Mathura junction, it was raining heavily. Weather was so cool, just what I needed. We reached Agra Cantt at 9:30 PM. We took auto to our hotel. Everything was happening so smoothly yet quite fast. Couldn’t believe few hours back I was staring at the blank sky and was wasting my weekend. We ordered dinner and discussed about our outfits.

We also had our late night girl talk🤫😉, that completes my trip 😜.

Pic 2: This photo of Taj mahal was taken at noon.

Next morning we woke up quite early around 6 am. Got ready and had our breakfast from the hotel we were staying. It was nice south indian breakfast. By now it was 10 am, we took auto to reach near Taj Mahal. Weather was quite pleasant and thankfully no rainfall. We stood in a long queue to get the tickets to enter Taj Mahal. It took us almost 2 hrs to get the tickets😓. We entered through a large gate. Taj mahal was shining brightly from far.

It stood still beautifully below the dark moving clouds and there was 24 water fountains in front of it and the river Yamuna behind it. 🤩🤩
Even the reflection of Taj Mahal would mesmerize you.“😍

Pic 3: Close view of Taj mahal

We took tour around it and after 2 hrs we were finally ready to say bye bye to this beauty. When we took exit from southern gate there were many sellers, selling the famous petha (sweet dish famous in agra). We tasted few as there were various flavor and bought it for our friends.

By now we were feeling very hungry. We went to nearby hotel, had some food and took a horse cart to reach Agra fort.

Pic 4: View of Taj mahal from Agra fort

Entering Agra fort was free of cost. They checked our belongings and after security check we entered the fort. It had a beautiful entrance. There was the beautiful view of Agra town and Taj Mahal from the fort.

We wandered around the fort looking at the beautiful carvings on the walls. After stalling few hours and taking lot of pictures. We were ready to leave the town; after all weekend was about to end.

We went to the bus stand, our tickets were booked. We bought some snacks and were ready for our journey back to home.

“I would describe this trip as very short, beautiful and a pleasant memory.” ~ Incredible India🙏

Tribute to Doggie: The street dog🐕

It was very late but she realized that it was only her who knew doggie’s existence because she cared. For the rest of the villagers, doggie was just a street dog. Sadly whose existence never get counted.

This story is of my mom and her friendship with a dog, who took care of her when flood hit in Odisha back in 1982. Recently West Bengal suffered from cyclone and it has done a lot disaster. While discussing with maa about the cyclone, she recalled her history with flood and how her friendship with doggie (that’s what she called her dog) grew after that disaster.

Back in 1979, maa traveled to cuttack, Odisha to complete her high school studies. She was in 7th grade and staying with her paternal aunt family in a village called Balipadia. My maternal uncle (mom’s elder brother) accompanied her during her first visit to the village. After her brother left, she got quite busy adjusting in her new environment.

Nanaji’s (referring my maternal grandfather) house was in Mosaboni, Bihar (Present day it is in Jharkhand) and there were no mobiles to communicate at that time. She use to write letters and wait for nanaji’s reply desperately.

When no one was around me, I use to cry a lot

I felt lonely, barely received 2-3 letters from home in a month.” she narrated how her situation was back then.

The street of Shimla: History that is left untouched

We travel to many hill stations, whether it is a getaway weekend or a long vacation. Every hill station gives you a different experience and you have different story to tell. Shimla is not just like any other hill station. Going there, I could feel what India was back in 1950’s. Even though time has evolved and changed the people around but I could still see and feel the history that is left untouched there.

We reached Shimla at noon 11 o’clock, too tired after the long night journey. But as soon as I walked out of station, I couldn’t think of wasting a single minute in my hotel room. We took a cab to the place known as “the lift.”

Cab driver explained us on our way that “he cannot drive us to our hotel which was near mall road as vehicles are not allowed there. We need to walk and reach our hotel from mall road.”

So here we are standing below a tall, tower like structure with a big round clock. I was in shock, when I found out that it was a lift (elevator) inside the tower!!

It- is-literally-a-lift🤯🤯 (I was confused😕)!!!!

Did he mean this lift will take us to mall road but if I take a cab instead, they gonna charge super high price 😲😲!! Yup, you read it right; cab would drop you nearby lakkar bazar (not sure about the exact point; there is a drop-point somewhere near the bazar).

To use the lift I paid rs 10/- per person.

The lift was of 2 stage. First: walk-in, take lift and go up; Next: change the lift and go up again, then there was the exit. Welcome to Shimla Mall road, from here we walked to our hotel (walking to hotel with luggage was so tiring😫😫).

Note: please check with hotel owner how far the hotel is from mall road before booking, specially if you are travelling with senior citizens.

Token of gratitude and Love💖

Happy Mother’s Day Maa💝

Maa Maa Maa, a call that I never get tired of calling. I might ignore her calls sometime but my worst nightmare is thinking of the day she will not be around me.

~ Lisa (myself)

I know I know, people these days keep posting, “treating your mother in a special way for one day is not enough to thank your mother” and it’s true but if I do that till my last breathe, will that be enough?? Please comment down, even though we all know the answer🥰. I wanted to give a small token of gratitude to her on this special day and so I did and here is my story🙏.

Here is a brief introduction of my mom. She is so naive, pure and tries hard to learn technologies and keep up with the modern world. She never traveled to north India, but always wanted to see sunrise in the mountains and wanted to play in snow. She always buried her wishes in her heart just like any-other mom does. She had no idea that 2019 will not be like any other year.

I got promoted to senior post and I wanted to give surprise to my parents, specially mom. Mother’s day was 2 months away, I convinced my parents to come and visit me on May 2019 and I asked them to pack some winter clothes as we will be going on a trip to north. She started interrogating me and tried to make me spill out the plans, but but but I’m her daughter after all and avoided it very smoothly.