Tribute to Doggie: The street dog🐕

So how did you know doggie.” I asked my mom curiously 🤨

He was a street dog and I use to feed him whenever I can.” she replied and skipped to the part when flood hit Odisha, 1982. 😐

There was destruction everywhere. We were moving to some higher place where the flood water cannot reach but it was so congested up there.

In that time doggie helped us by bringing bamboo logs, so that my cousins and I could sail to the well and get ourselves some drinking water.

One day, I couldn’t get myself any food that was thrown from helicopter by rescue team. I was so hungry and also devastated. It was hard to find anyone who was ready to share their food with me.” She detailed the situation. 🥱😪

For my surprise, doggie came to me, carrying a food package. He returned my little kindness with more love and affection. I felt so grateful and shared that food with him. It was roti and a boiled potato.” she speaked about him very fondly. 🥰😚

“He continued bringing food for me and I kept sharing it with him.” She recalled with a deep voice, definitely she was missing him 😭.

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