Tribute to Doggie: The street dog🐕

It was very late but she realized that it was only her who knew doggie’s existence because she cared. For the rest of the villagers, doggie was just a street dog. Sadly whose existence never get counted.

This story is of my mom and her friendship with a dog, who took care of her when flood hit in Odisha back in 1982. Recently West Bengal suffered from cyclone and it has done a lot disaster. While discussing with maa about the cyclone, she recalled her history with flood and how her friendship with doggie (that’s what she called her dog) grew after that disaster.

Back in 1979, maa traveled to cuttack, Odisha to complete her high school studies. She was in 7th grade and staying with her paternal aunt family in a village called Balipadia. My maternal uncle (mom’s elder brother) accompanied her during her first visit to the village. After her brother left, she got quite busy adjusting in her new environment.

Nanaji’s (referring my maternal grandfather) house was in Mosaboni, Bihar (Present day it is in Jharkhand) and there were no mobiles to communicate at that time. She use to write letters and wait for nanaji’s reply desperately.

When no one was around me, I use to cry a lot

I felt lonely, barely received 2-3 letters from home in a month.” she narrated how her situation was back then.

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