The street of Shimla: History that is left untouched

Pic 3: Family photo near the ridge

The next thing, I remembered was my dad waking me up early morning 5 o’clock; asking me to get ready and to pack my belongings.

He reminded me that we scheduled to meet our driver at 9 am.

Usually I would’ve pulled my blanket back and sleep but this time I woke up so excitedly and walk towards the window to let the cold breeze come in; I could see the mountains through clouds, crystal clear.

“I just couldn’t wait to visit you” I murmured. Once again my anxiety level was on 9th cloud🤭🤭.

We got ready to leave. Had our breakfast from the hotel and handed the keys to the manager of the hotel; thanking him for his services.

As we started walking down the lane with our luggage, I felt like I was not ready to say good-bye to Shimla; I got so attached to this place and hence, I geared up my courage and asked my dad “if we could visit the ridge for one last time before meeting with our driver.”

Also we were ahead of our scheduled time, so my dad has no reason to say “no.”

We took lot of photos near the ridge as a “token of remembrance.”

We met with our driver near the pick up point that we have decided.

Our luggage’s got loaded in the car.

As we were leaving the town, I wondered if I could ever visit a town where vehicles are not used so often, air was pure and most importantly there was glimpse of history remained and maintained.

Shimla is so different than other parts of India. This place is going to be very close to my heart for a long time.

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