The street of Shimla: History that is left untouched

Pic 2: Christ Church

As dusk fell, the weather got chiller. Driver dropped us near the ridge and we started walking down towards mall road.

The Christ Church was main attraction near Ridge. This church is the 2nd oldest church in North India (Fact: It is open since 1857).

The houses near the mall road has the touch of British architecture. At dark it’s little lights add charisma to those buildings, I couldn’t stop admiring them.

We wandered around the road. The horse riders with their horses were returning back to their home (you can find them near the ridge, they usually provide short tour around the local area). All that was left in the street was the crowd and the markets.

My mom and I got excited for shopping as we can find shawls, jackets and clothes at cheap price. This time I found my dad actively taking participate in shopping. Well, I don’t blame him, the colorful native print jackets usually get your attention. My parents bought shawls and native print jackets.

My dad kept reminding us that we need to hurry up and get some sleep. So that we can wake up early next morning and get ready for our journey to manali.

Manali” my heartbeat skipped.

It was 11:00 PM, my parents were in deep sleep; they were so tired due to the journey. My brother was busy messaging his friends. There was pin drop silence in the room .

“I could hear my heartbeat; pounding so loud and fast.”

Due to anxiety I just couldn’t sleep; I pressed my face against the pillow but as soon as I closed my eyes, the thought of seeing the vast mountains, waterfall and obviously thinking of playing in snow keeps popping out in my mind. I was also worried about the road sickness due to my previous experience😥.

“No idea how but I slept 😴😴.”

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