The street of Shimla: History that is left untouched

Pic 1: The building behind me is the tower known as “the lift

We reached our room and open the windows to let the sunlight come in and for our surprise, “there was the amazing view of mountains through our window.” The strong white rocks could be seen in the midst of the clouds. It was breathtaking view indeed.

We got freshen up and decided to have our lunch before exploring the local sites. The weather was cold and pleasant; we walked down the lane, laughing and discussing the menu for lunch.

We found a good restaurant near lakkar bazar. We ordered rumali roti and mushroom curry. I can still feel the flavor, it was so delicious😋😜.

After having the delicious meal, we started exploring the ridge, and the mall road. I noticed e-toilet services present around the local area and also there were many street food vendors by the side of the road.

I stuffed myself again with some burgers and aloo tikki chat.

Oh-god I can’t stop eating.”

As we were wandering near the ridge, we found a tour guide who was ready to bargain with the fix price and take us to Hanuman mandir. I was least interested but my parents were too excited.

The roads were twisted; I knew by then, I did a mistake (shouldn’t have eaten so much food😢). All my delicious meal came out through vomiting (same for my mom)🤢. My mom and I felt so sick on the road.

As we reached there, we found a huge sculpture of lord Hanuman (108 feet tall). We can see Shimla town view from there, “little conical colorful structures😍.” It was so peaceful there, they have very clean rest room and water supply.

My mom wandered around the temple. Meanwhile my brother and I was busy keeping our belongings safe from monkeys and our dad went to the nearby canteen to buy snacks for us.

Mythology fact: In Ramayana, when Hanuman went in search of Sanjivni Booti to revive Lakshmana. He stopped at this location to rest.

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