Token of gratitude and Love💖

  • Note: Regarding HWH-DLI-KLK MAIL , if you do not find seat from DLI to KLK, and you think of breaking the trip like going to DLIUMB and then UMB-KLK, you will find train with the same name, Check with TT and get to your assigned seat as the train coaches get separated in Chandigarh station , only few of the coaches will go to kalka, the rest will remain there. Please be alert so that you will not have to face any trouble during your journey.
  • The package value of himachal tourism varies from season to season and depends upon tourist visit they receive. (we were lucky with the package price!!😋😋)

P.S.: Please be kind and if there is any mistake in this post then correct me rather than criticize me.

Glimpses of my journey:

My mom standing next to toy train in kalka station
This pic was taken just after we reached shimla station
Near Summer hill station and the next station is shimla
2 monkeys in one frame 🤣🤣😂

13 thoughts on “Token of gratitude and Love💖

  1. Yes beta everyday is mother’s day..
    You expressed your feelings very nicely
    And explained each and every line..
    I got myself there with you all…
    I hope something more in father’s day…

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  2. Keep going …..praying to god to give u strength to inspire many ….hoping that my daughter should like u …..stayed blessed beta….

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Fantastic !! you were able to express your thoughts very beautifully . I enjoyed all your topics , keep going , waiting to see more from you !!

    Liked by 1 person

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