Token of gratitude and Love💖

It has been a year now, this year we are all suffering from pandemic and staying at home. My mom resides in a different city, very far (back in my hometown, Jharkhand) from me during this lock down and she keeps getting worried about my health, I often talk to her in video calls😥. 10th May 2020 it is, I excitedly woke up at morning to wish my love a very happy mother’s day and we spoke more than an hour and all she spoke was her last year’s trip💕.

Looking back it was worth spending few bucks, after all you can’t put a price tag on memories🖤. My advice is just spend sometime with your family, go on trips with your parents not just with your friends. Do it before it’s too late.

Remember most of our father / mother takes responsibility of their family’s happiness and most of your childhood trip was funded by them. So I suggest take your opportunity and plan a family trip, you’ll understand how much selflessly your father and mother raised you. He/She never thought of this as a burden, so it’s your time and do not think of spending few bucks and time on them as a burden. You can easily do it by saving and proper planning.

I will be sharing the experience of this trip in a different post 👉

Have a safe journey🧡 & a very happy mother’s day to all the beautiful and strong mothers around the world. Be safe!!

13 thoughts on “Token of gratitude and Love💖

  1. Yes beta everyday is mother’s day..
    You expressed your feelings very nicely
    And explained each and every line..
    I got myself there with you all…
    I hope something more in father’s day…

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  2. Keep going …..praying to god to give u strength to inspire many ….hoping that my daughter should like u …..stayed blessed beta….

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Fantastic !! you were able to express your thoughts very beautifully . I enjoyed all your topics , keep going , waiting to see more from you !!

    Liked by 1 person

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