Token of gratitude and Love💖

Anyway we reached kalka by early morning 4 o’clock. From there you need to travel through toy train which starts after morning 6 o’clock (KLK SML EXP: on which we were travelling). The view from toy train throughout the journey was a divine experience (check the images provided below). This was only the starting and after we reached shimla which was nearly 5 hrs later, there was awestruck scenic view🤩🤩.

But I must say, you must be careful of the monkeys, they were everywhere and I have a special request that, guys please don’t feed them or tease them, you must understand that they co-exist with humans and your one stupid act can put their life in danger and also ruin the local people business. And yes, here feeding might be a kind act of yours but it is not always good for them, BTW I am not saying just by considering only my point of view, this was suggested by a native guide when I first visited shimla. He said many monkeys died in road accidents while getting the food that tourist throw at them. So please don’t do that🙏.

My mom was on 9th cloud when see first saw the land of gods (Dev bhoomi himachal pradesh). She was with teary eyes and could not speak loud, instead she hold my both hand tightly and whispered me “this is the best mother’s day gift.” Yup, I cried hiding from my family.

13 thoughts on “Token of gratitude and Love💖

  1. Yes beta everyday is mother’s day..
    You expressed your feelings very nicely
    And explained each and every line..
    I got myself there with you all…
    I hope something more in father’s day…

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  2. Keep going …..praying to god to give u strength to inspire many ….hoping that my daughter should like u …..stayed blessed beta….

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  3. Fantastic !! you were able to express your thoughts very beautifully . I enjoyed all your topics , keep going , waiting to see more from you !!

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